About us

Welcome to the Black Forest, home of the world famous cuckoo clocks.

Traditional cipher sheet of a black forest cuckoo clockBlack Forest Cuckoo Clocks

You are visiting an original Black Forest onlineshop. Along with its unique landscape and culinary delicacies, is the Black Forest known worldwide for its traditional black forest cuckoo clocks.

Onlineshop for cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest

We, the employees of the beComm company, (the operator of www.deine-kuckucksuhr.de and www.your-cuckoo-clock.com) are people out of the Black Forest. We have grown up here and live here with our families. Our home is where other people go on holiday. With an original Black Forest Cuckoo Clock from our onlineshop you can get a piece of this natural wonder "Black Forest" into your living room.

The quality of the trees

The trees in the Black Forest grow slowly. However, they are extremely stable and of great strength due to the large root system, which deeply engages in the forest floor. This property resembles the character of the people in this area: Quality and stability is very important here in the Black Forest. This high-quality wood is what has inspired people to develop a century-long tradition of products that is known and loved all over the world for many years to come.

Our proximity to the brands and manufactories

Within a radius of a few kilometers around our office in St. Georgen in the Black Forest, most of the manufactories, carpenters, or carver and craftsmen are doing their daily best for the quality export product "Cuckoo Clock". We are in close contact with the most famous and traditional brands of cuckoo clocks. These include August Schwer, Willi Geck, Albert Schwab, Trenkle and Rombach & Haas. The ways are short and we still go them personally. This allows us to consistently achieve the best possible results for our customers in order to meet our traditionally good reputation.